My Sweet Sixteen

This cake just wants to make me sigh. So many factors, it seems, were working against me on this day. Don't get me wrong! I loved my sixteenth birthday. And the cake tasted delicious.

It's just that... I had such high hopes for this cake. Maybe that was my problem: I put the cake up on a pedestal before I even made it. No, no, that wasn't the problem. Poor time management and chronic procrastination is my problem. I didn't bake the cake until 10pm the night before and I decorated it that very morning.

That means, no time for a crumb coat, and what was I even thinking! not even trying to smooth out the icing. The cake was lopsided (I purposely tried to take the picture at an angle to hide that), and I should've known that the August humidity of my Georgia hometown would've killed the fondant tiara. Alas, no luster dust, either.

The cake I had planned was fit for a princess (moi), with absolutely no flaws. Obviously, I didn' quite fulfill that goal. However, it was still a beautiful cake, and it had character. I look forward to actually trying to get my cake close to perfection next year, and I already have some plans brewing...