So I have this friend. And he has this other friend. Who has parents. Who own a bakery. That's local. And I've been there. They have really good chocolate chip muffins. That I went to with my grandparents. And I might be able to get a job there during the summer.

Wouldn't that just be sweet?!

Until then, though, somebody asked me to make them a Christmas cake for Friday, which works out, because I have 5th period with her. I have an exam in 5th period on Friday, so I'll get to see her. The cake is baking right now; I'll decorate it tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about this cake... I've only make cakes for family before, so this is something new for me. I have no problem with making cakes for friends; I'm actually really glad that I get the opportunity to practice more and spread that sugary, confectionery goodness that I'm always talking about. :)

Of course, I'll be sure to post a picture of the completed cake Thursday evening. The design isn't mine; but she drew a cute picture of what she wants it to look like. I have a feeling that her design will look nice on the cake.

Until tomorrow,