The Gingerbread House

This house was a lot of fun to make. First of all, my sister really baked it and did most of the prep work, I was just there to help her along. I had to watch "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" of course! She did a fantastic job, by the way.

We did all of the decorating together. If you're wondering why some of the house looks a little... odd, that's because five kids ranging from four to sixteen years old all got together and threw candy and icing on gingerbread. (Literally. There was some sprinkle throwing going on... and not from the four-year-old.

Not only was this house fun to make, but also to eat! As we used a homemade recipe, the cookie house was delicious!

Oh, and in my house, they're called Kissies, not Kissables. Don't know why, that's just what Adam calls them. =)