Happy Liturgical New Year!

Today, the first Sunday of Advent, marks the start of the new year for the Catholic Church. So, as in all celebrations, I baked a cake!

I tried out some new skills when I made this cake. Alas, no poinsettias! Perhaps cupcakes later in the season...

The first new skill I used was the "Frozen Butter Cream Transfer." It was unnecessary, since the design was basic enough, but I thought now was a good enough time to try out a new skill.

The next new skill I tried was a whipped icing recipe. That was fun to make, and the resulting icing was very tasty. The down side was the lack of sugar, so next time I made whipped icing, I will added double the sugar. =) (Sorry Mom, I know you don't like all that extra sweet goodness!)

While it is unfortunate that I did not get to make poinsettas, or even try out my new MM fondant, I really liked making-- and eating-- this cake. I look forward to making more whipped icing, and experimenting with taste, and also practicing the transfer so that I can eventually do more complicated pictures.

So far, the new year has gone off to a great start!

One last note: the butter cream does not store so well with the whipped icing, because the moisture is too high... so next time I'll try the piping with the whipped icing.