I finished!

I am so proud of this cake! Of course, it did not come without hard work, not to mention a harrowing trip to Wal-Mart.

I'll start at the beginning: Wally World.
Mom needed to run some errands, and I need to buy toothpicks, seran wrap, burgundy icing paste, and a cake box for delivery.

Well, Wal-Mart doesn't have cake boxes, and the icing paste came in a box with 11 other colors... and they were the half-size container too! Since I didn't want to pay $10 for one color I need and 11 that I don't need/already have, I decided to skip that.

I did get the seran wrap (red!) and toothpicks, though. And I got lost.

On a side note: Wal-Mart is very crowded 5 days before Christmas!

When I got home, I immediately made the icing. In the process, I missplaced my cell phone (in the car), spilled whipping cream (cleaned it up), and tea (cleaned it up). I dropped icing all over the table, countertop, and floor. I stained my hands red with the icing paste. I forgot and reheated my hot tea three times (and just now remembered that I still haven't drank it!)

I iced the cake and smoothed it out.

Next comes the coloring for the red and green decorations. This took a while. The green was OK, because green isn't such a dark, deep color. I saved the red for last. I read on a website that using a bit of burgundy icing paste with the red paste would create a deeper, more Christmas-y red that just using the red paste.

After all of that red, I decorated the cake. Green icing with #3 tip for the dots and the "Merry Christmas." I used different star tips for the red boarders. Then Katie accidentally stuck her finer in the top right hand corner of the cake, and I had to smooth that out.

Tsk Tsk

Delivery went very well. I carried the cake to my 5th period class, which was my first exam of the day (on a side note, I recieved a 100% on that test- with extra credit of course). The girl that I made the cake for loved it, and I hope she got it home safely. I hope it tastes good, too.

I hope this post isn't too long, but there was a lot that went into this cake. Thank you for taking time to read all of these crazy words that I've strung together, and I hope my cake chronicles aren't too boring.

As I don't expect to make any more goodies in the next four days, let me say this now:
Merry Christmas!