I regret to inform you...

I'm afraid that our oven my have finally stopped working.

For months now, Oven has randomly displayed an -F2- warning, and he shuts off and beeps like crazy. We've just turned everything back on and kept baking.

Then Mom discovered the manuel for the oven, which advises oven owners who experience an -F2- warning to shut off the oven, allow it to cool, an call customer service. Mom finally decided what the "F" in -F2- stands for. (Failure, right?)

Today, -F2- was absolutely insane. With about 10 minutes left to go on the cake, the over displayed this evil message of doom. So I turned the over back on and walked back to the computer to study some more for my Biology final. Guess what? -F2- reappears. So I leave the oven off, and crack open the door to allow some heat to escape. Maybe Over is just having hot flashes? Alas! -F2- appears AGAIN! And the oven is off!

After a few more dealings with -F2-, I gave the oven a good whack with my foot, said "I hate you," and walked off. It's been about 10 minutes, so I'm going to try to finish baking this cake. Wish me luck. I hope Oven hasn't died for good this time...

So after letting Oven cool for a few minutes, I turned him back on and put the cake back in for another 7 minutes. 7 minutes later... the oven beeped. But! This was the good your-cake-is-ready-to-take-out-of-the-oven-now kind of beep. Success!

Now all I have to do is bake the other half of the cake. (Yes, unfortunately, I only have 1 square cake pan, so for a two layer cake, I have to bake them one layer at a time.)

So far so good. But I won't count all of my chickens before they hatch...