Love for Chocolate

I had a bit trouble coming up with an idea for this. I'm not too creative at coming up with manly cakes. With my brothers, it's okay, because they are so young. With Dad, all I can think of is: golf, cars, and chocolate.

I usually make a golf-related cake for Father's Day, so I wanted to do something different and avoid un-uniqueness. Finally, I settled on chocolate.

I made my own chocolate butter cream icing (basically by making regular butter cream and dumping in a lot of cocoa powder), but reserved some of the butter cream for the boarder and words.

After I decorated, I melted some chocolate candy in a pastry bag and squiggled it all over the cake. I did some dots around the garlands, too.

The triple chocolate (cake, icing, candy) cake went over well with both my dad and his dad, as it was a joint party. My chocoholic family gobbled it up, myself included!