This lady is amazing!

This lady has skill! And she has a nice Scottish accent too. =) I looked at her website, which only reaffirmed what I think about her skill level. When she makes a gum paste rose, she makes it look easy. As I watched the video, I though: I could do that! It looks much simpler than a buttercream or royal icing rose, which, although pretty, still look a bit sad when I make them.

(Ew, fuzzy picture, sorry!!)

I would love to get the gumpaste kit that Wilton makes. Michael's sells them for $20, but I have a 50% off coupon, dropping the price down to $10. If only I could get a ride out to the shopping center where Michael's is located, I'd be in business. Did I mention that my grandparents gave me gumpaste as part of my Christmas gifts? Probably not since I haven't posted since before Christmas. All I need now are the tools (and the practice!) and I can be a gumpaste flower queen! ...Or at least try to be one!