The Cake Place

While we were coming home from Gracie's birthday party, I asked Mom if we could stop by the local (newly opened) bakery some-what near our house. She said yes!!

We went in; it's a little store, and you can see them decorating in the back, they were all decorated for Valentine's Day, and everything smelled like cookies (because of the delicious looking cookie display in the front of the store).

The lady that rung up our order (four cookies; I had rocky road and little Adam had chocolate chip, which he recommends I try next time) was very nice and mom made a nice little comment about how I like to bake. The cake place is closer than the other local bakery, but I just think it would be so cool to work at a bakery, that if there was a chance of either of them hiring me, I would be happy. Even so, I would be baking at home, so I guess I would be happy regardless.

Anyway, the lady said that, if business was busy enough, that I could go ahead and "put on an apron." Here's hoping for a successful quarter! =]

I was also doing some Googling today (just because I can) and I discovered that, somewhere in cyberspace, there is a $500 cake named after me! Check it out.

Here's the picture from It's a very pretty cake, I must say. I like the fondant bow and the gold accents. Very classy.