I finally finished my Webkinz cookies Thursday night (really late, actually, since I didn't start until 7), and they are beautiful! I was so proud of my work and took lots of pictures... there are 20 cookies in all.

Actually, I'm saying words like "are," in the present tense. But I should probably be saying "were" since I don't know how many have been eaten by excited little Webkinz-loving children. (Personally, if I were one of those children, I would never eat something so adorable... but that's just me, and I'm a total pack rat. I hope some people got to enjoy eating the cookies as well as looking at them.)

I'm totally digressing. Friday morning, I delivered the cookies to my brother's 3rd grad class. I am happy to report that everyone loved them! It was so sweet, actually, because his class thanked me for the cookies. They're such cute little kids! 3rd grade is a fun year, I think. (Shout out to Ms. Reese!)

Mom told me just today that the cookies in their entirety sold for $40. Although the PTO family night's fund raiser was supposed to be a silent auction, the cookies were sold individually (which is cool with me, since they earned so much). All that money went to Relay for Life.

I am so proud!! Those cookies were fun and they were for a good cause. Baking at its best, I believe.

And now for the photos...