Caketastic Contests

I finally figured out what I want to do for my entry in the Cupcake Spectacular 2008, hosted by Arfi Binsted at HomeMadeS.

I will let the design be a surprise until I actually make the cupcakes and feel pleased with the results. No need to get all excited about an idea if I change it at the last moment, huh? ;)

No need to worry. These cupcakes should be pretty spectacular, right? All I need now is a couple of ingredients and an afternoon to myself this Saturday.

I am also formulating ideas for Taste of Home's Cute Cookie Contest. The deadline for that contest is still a few weeks away, but I need to really get the ideas going. I Googled 3-D cookies, because I was at a loss as to what to make for that category. I think I know what I'm dealing with now, and man, are those creative juices flowing! Good thing "you may enter as many items as you may wish!" So, if I have time after those cupcakes, I'll make some cookies!

One last note: I found out today that cupcakes are called fairy cakes in Britain, and I must say that I like that name a lot better!