Crazy Binge Baking Weekend(s)

Here's what I've got going for me this weekend:

* Make smiley face cookies for my brother's friend's mom's club that she's starting at the elementary club.
* Make cupcakes for the Cupcake Spectacular (which I may donate for the Beta Club Bake Sale).
* Buy a few ingredients that we don't have.

All of that plus my sister has competition, the KoC at church are having their monthly breakfast fundraiser, it might snow, homework, the usual.

Then the next weekend:
  • Make the penguin cake (that's a load o' work right there!)
  • Make something (hopefully!) for somebody's birthday who may or may not read this blog
  • Maybe make a St. Patrick's Day cake
So it's really like 2 weekends in a row that I will be baking up a storm! Now. I'm procrastinating on my biology homework, but I really needed a break because all of this exam review is giving me a headache. Back to work!

On one last note: we went to the school today to get my class ring, and they had a cake there from Publix. I don't want to diss Publix cakes, because I've seen some beautiful ones, but somebody really didn't do a good job with these roses. The flowers started out nice, in the middle, but... the last row of petals looks rushed and, well, ugly. Like somebody didn't take the time to make them look as nice as the rest of the flower. Oh well, the cake still tasted good!

A rose that I made,
not perfect, but I took
my time