Crazy Weekend-- Update

This weekend had been crazy-- and it's only half over! We still have Sunday to go!

I was able to bake a cake, and start decorating it. This is the St. Patrick's Day cake that Mrs. B asked me to make. I've made daffodils for it too! And they actually look acceptable! I did need a few more supplies, and (yippee!) Mom took me out to Michael's. We had to hurry home before another round of storms came in (good thing we did; there was hail).

I bought cake sparkles for Katie's birthday cake (5 days away), a cake box for the cupcakes (4 days away) and one for the St. Pat's cake (2 days away). I also bought a grass tip because, well, I didn't have one and will probably need it eventually. I was going to buy some yarn, but the big walls of yarn intimidated me at Michael's: so many choices!!!

Powdered sugar and cupcake liners were also on my list. Do you know how much powdered sugar I go through in this house? In the past week alone, I've used 3 pounds, and I still need four, maybe five or six pounds to tide me over until after Katie's birthday. We only have 2.5 pounds left and I just bought some!

The excitement of the Blog of Note has passed, and my daily visitors have decreased significantly (although I have more visits than I did before this crazy coolness). Now I'll have time to post more about past cakes because I won't be spending as much time reading the wonderful comments people have left and deleting spam- which is not wonderful (why does the Irish lottery... and the British lottery... keep spamming me? I live in the US!).

The time is getting late, and I need to head off to bed so I can wake refreshed and finish my to-do list for this weekend. I will post pictures of the St. Patrick's Day cake tomorrow before I box it up. Buenas Noches!

P.S. I decided to bake the cupcakes and Katie's cake later in the week so that they are fresher (instead of today or tomorrow, as I originally planned), but I might start with some details of the penguin cake tomorrow (towers, penguin figures, etc.). We will just have to see how it goes! I'll probably need more AP flour and unsalted butter first...