Eireann go Brach

This is the cake I spend Saturday (and a bit of Sunday) making. I am quite pleased with the result! I need to work on the icing consistency, as I would sometimes have icing that was too thin, or too thick, which isn't good for piping. I unfortunately had a bit of cracking on the icing but I covered that up with some shamrocks. Also, the cake slanted slightly.

Despite these flaws, I really think that this is one of the most beautiful cakes I've made. I just love daffodils! (Wouldn't it be cool if I could make these?) Last year I made an awesome St. Patrick's Day-type cake for Katie's birthday. I don't have any digital pictures of it, but it was better than this one, I think. (A fondant leprechaun and a candy rainbow adorned that cake.)

I am just so glad that this cake turned out as well as I had hoped. Especially since all I knew going into it was that I wanted daffodils, and the base icing was going to be light green. I just came up with everything as I went along.

The transport to school went well, and I safely carried the cake to its recipient. I think she liked it. ;) One of the assistance principals at school also commented on it. How awesome?! That really buoyed my spirits before math class! :)

No cakes for a while after this one. Just kidding! I still have Katie's cake and some cupcakes for this week, so stay tuned, and happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!