Alright, so I didn't find my camera yet, but I decided to take pictures of the cookies with my camera phone before we ate all the leftovers (we already delivered the cookies to their intended destination). They are really tasty.

I used Alice's cookie icing recipe from Cake Central and Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix- three bags' worth! For the face features, I used melted semi sweet chocolate chips and a #2 round tip. (I just melted a dash of veggie oil and a handful of the chips in my homemade double boiler: a metal bowl on top of a pot half-filled with water. Just don't let the water boil, or you'll have a mess.)

On an aside, at every grocery store I ever go to, Betty Crocker has the monopoly for sugar cookie mix. Surely Publix should have their own store brand?! We need a little competition to drive the prices down. ;) Sure I could make my own sugar cookies, but in the past I've never had luck with that, and I didn't want to experiment with the 99 cookies that I made this time.

My brother thinks that the cookies look like the Wal-Mart smiley face, but I think there are some marked differences. Like the fact that they are cookies and delicious and have chocolate on them. :)

Anyway, this is how I spent pretty much all of yesterday, after being tired of playing in the snow. Unfortunately, because of my lack of camera, I didn't get any pictures. But I had fun until I decided I was too cold. Thankfully, the oven was warm!