Cupcakes! ...Or Cookies?

Done! Three days of hard, grueling labor, and my cute cookies are done! Alright, alright, so the labor was one of love, and no gruel was involved. But the process certainly wasn't easy as pie!

I know that cupcake cookie cutters exist, but I had to make due with my usual method: wax paper cut out into shapes and a knife to cut out the dough. That is why the cookies are slightly lopsided and certainly not bisymmetrical!

After the 2 dozen cookies were baked and cooled, I made some royal icing (yes! using the awesome Meringue Powder!), tinted it appropriately (pastel!), and piped the RI on the bottom half of the cookies.

Bottom half?! But the whole cookie is decorated! Kelsie, you're crazy!
Well, maybe, but I did go back to ice the top half of the cookie... after the bottom half dried!

You see, I did this so that when I put the sprinkles on the top half of the cookie (representing the icing on a cupcake), they wouldn't stick to the bottom half of the cookie (representing the cupcake liner) because the bottom's icing would be dry and hard. I know, I'm genius, right? :)

Right, so I iced the bottom part of the cookies, then let it dry [overnight], then iced the top part of the cookie in varying pastel! colors, and sprinkled jimmies, dulcecitos, nonpareils, crystals, yellow chicks, and/or sprinkles on top. Beautiful!

After letting the cute cupcakes, I mean cookies, dry, I proceeded to take about 50 pictures of them, all in different poses. Now I have the difficult task of deciding which picture to send along with my entry into the Cute Cookie Contest! So I am off to select a photo and finish writing my entry so that I can go to bed tonight in peace! [=

Update! I have officially sent off my entry to the Cute Cookies Contest. Well, entries, actually. I also submitted my Webkinz cookies, although I don't know if they are eligible because of any copyright restrictions. Better to cover all the bases, I suppose. I also sent in my lemon-lime icebox cookies in the "Refrigerator Cookies" category; again, just to cover all my bases. They may not be "cute" per say, but I entered them anyway. Nothing to lose by trying, right? So now that the deed is done, there is nothing to do but hope and pray that my cookies are cute enough for $300 (or at least $100... or at least for an honorable mention).
Let me tell you; these cookies are delicious!
I'll most certainly post the recipe later.