Dr. Pepper Cake

So, if you click here and watch this cool video about Dr. Pepper cake, then you'll know what I'm talking about over here...

I had forgotten that there are a plethora of recipes out there for cake involving soda, so when I chanced across this Youtube video (literally, chanced. I was totally looking for something unrelated), I had one of those AH-HA moments! Ah, fate, thank you.

Actually, it wasn't a true AH-HA moment, because I've had this idea before. I just forgot it.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Cakes made with Coke (as in Coca-Cola) have been pretty popular for years. I know, because I have an old cookbook that my Grandma gave me. It's older than I am, so I know that Coca-Cola cake, and it's friends Dr. Pepper and Fanta cakes, has been around for a while.

So I came to the conclusion that if cake can be make with Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Fanta, and more, why not... TaB? You know what I'm talking about. That delicious, beautiful, low-cal, original diet Coke, soda in a pink can from the 80s. Guess what? It's still around, and I love the stuff! (On an aside, what ever happened to black cherry TaB? Or Lemon-Lime? Or the 2 liter bottles?)

I decided to make a cake made with TaB. Then I promptly forgot for a few months until now when fate lead me to the Dr. Pepper cake video. So now I'm a girl on a mission.

First, find a Coke cake recipe that doesn't use chocolate (I LOVE chocolate, but what if the chocolate is too much flavor?). I guess I could just leave the chocolate out, but what if that changes the chemical composition of the cake? Cake baking is an exact science after all. I have some research to do.

Next, borrow my aunt's 6" cake pans again. Or buy my own. Because I know how I'm decorating this baby...

Finally, find some time. Now that is going to be the hard part. So I'll probably have to wait until school is over to implement my plan :( No matter, my idea has been forever immortalized on the internet so one day I will make a TaB cake.

Until then, I can dream about owning one of these really cool Coca-Cola products:
Back to the cake part of it all. I'm going to make a cake with TaB in it, and it will be sweet.

Stay tuned. I'm making cookies for career day later!