What's Been Going On In My Kitchen Lately


Not much.

But in the future...

It'll be busy.

For example, the blood drive at my school is Thursday. Not only am I volunteering (not to give blood. I have tiny veins.), but I'm baking sugar cookies, and browies, and cupcakes if I have the time.

My brother has a project on Puerto Rico due in the middle of May. He's going to make a model of the territory... out of cake! How cool? And I'll be assisting. So I won't have to do all the hard stuff, I just tell him "use shredding coconut and green food coloring mixed together in a plastic bag for the grass" and "mold the mountains out of Rice Krispie Treats then cover them with fondant." It'll be fun! :)

More recently, next week is Career Day at the middle school, and I'm either making chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies and I need to decide how much to charge some time within... the next 2 hours. So I should get to work on that...