“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

So, today...
  • Changed my blog layout
  • Changed it again (I'm still looking for the perfect background...)
  • Watched Ace of Cakes
  • And did all of the normal school stuff (whoo-hoo! 92 on the math test!)

I don't know why I changed my blog layout. I really did like the yellow. I think I'll have to make some cupcakes or something so that I can make my *own* background. That sounds yummy...

Ace of Cakes was about a Corvette cake, a manatee cake, and a roller derby cake. I am amazed at the level of talent and skills that the decorators at Charm City Cakes have! And it also made me feel a little better about my own skills to know that we all make mistakes: Duff's roller derby cake didn't turn out as perfectly as he expected, but everyone still loved it.

I'm off to find a good recipe for a Mother's Day cheesecake...

I forgot to add that I checked The Cake Bible out from my local library, and

I hate my oven. (I truly believe it hates me too.)

(^^Quoted from George Harrison)