Cakes of the Future

Or at least the Cakes of my future.

Future meaning the next few weeks! :)

First of all, after I made that Puerto Rico cake, I was asked to make a birthday cake for my brother's teacher's husband's birthday on the last week of school (on a side note, only 9 days left!). I'm excited about that, but I need to buy a new rectangular pan and red icing paste, so hopefully Michael's is also in my future...

And I still have cream cheese from that humongous block that Mom bought at Costo's, so I want to make another cheesecake. This time in the 9" pan instead of the 11".

After school ends, hopefully, I will have more free time (although since I'm doing volunteer work at the hospital and may or may not try to get a job at a bakery), and can make that TaB cake I wanted to bake...

Oh, and on Wednesday my healthcare class is having a "food day," so I think I'm supposed to make sugar cookies, but I need to double-check on that... (Shouldn't be a problem; I have dough in the freeze from the Pack Cookies.)

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I found my digital camera again, so I can take pictures of the next few baking items, unlike for the cheesecake I made for Mother's Day. :( It still tasted good though!

I'm off to do some homework and think about cake designs :) Oh, and Prince Caspian! :-D (A great movie, by the way!)