Cheesecake Update

Thank you to everyone who helped me out with my cheesecake predicament. I decided to go ahead and buy the springform pans, mostly because Wal-Mart sold three of them for $10, and I felt that was a good investment ;-)

So I'm about to make some cherry cheesecake. I know I said strawberry, but Mom said she wanted cherries, and it *is* her day. I'm off to make some cherry cheesecake (and start helping my brother with a school project of his that involves cake!).

Sorry for the short post, but I will have more to say once I make the cake! And once again, thank you for your help, advice, and recipes! I really appreciate it!


Okay, here's more of an update:
  • The iPod is in the teacup. That is code for: the cheesecake is in the oven. Actually it's just an inside joke with my mom, but it makes a cute code ;)
  • I used the springform pan.
  • There will be cherries on top (tomorrow)
  • It's 12:30am, and I'm kinda sleepy, but I'm hyped up too. I guess my busy afternoon caught up with me (I went to lunch with my friends after our A.P. exam, then we saw Speed Racer) because I've still got energy in me.
  • My brother and I baked the Puerto Rico cake. Tomorrow we will begin the "make the cake look like a 3-D map of Puerto Rico" stage. I can't believe he waited until Friday to tell me that the project was due Tuesday! A little heads up would've been helpful...
  • Alton Brown's recipe is definitely the way to go for cheesecake. At least, I think it is. I haven't actually tasted the dessert yet, so the jury is still out on taste. As far as ease of directions, AB wins hands down. (It's not a very fair contest if his recipe is the only one I've tried, though, is it?)
  • Is that it? I think so. Until Sunday, at least, when I can post pictures of the cheesecake.