Cookie Pack!

Let me tell you: the cookies were amazing!

Alright, so maybe I'm a little biased, but I really did think that they turned out well.

Someone asked in my last blog post how I made the wolfpack logo on the cookies. Well, it wasn't easy. First, I had to make red icing.


Making red icing is sooooo difficult. Almost as difficult as making black icing. I shudder to think of it...

Alright back to the cookies. For the wolfpack logo, I printed off the image from the school's website, shrunk the picture down to 66% of the original size (so it would fit on the cookie) and cut out 50 60 pieces of wax and parchment paper.

Don't use parchment paper. When I trace the images on the parchment paper, it was all good. And once the images dried, they came off very easily. Too easily. The paper did not dry flat, so the royal icing image (oh, yeah, by the way, I used royal icing) was uneven on the cookie. I fixed that by putting extra RI under the image so that it looked more even.

The wax paper imaged turned out great. Too bad we ran out of wax paper, though! Speaking of running out of things, we also ran out of powdered sugar. Another AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! moment. Thankfully, my grandpa had a pound that I could use, and that was all I needed.

Let me specifically explain how I made the wolfpack images, since I got offtrack. I taped down the computer copy on the table, then got out my piping bag (disposable), put in my coupler and #1 tip, filled the bag up with thick RI and piped all of the outlines (all 60 of 'em). Then they dried, and I used thin RI (add some more water) and the #2 tip, and filled all of the imaged. Then I let them dry again.

I peeled off the RI wolves from the paper, put more RI on the backs of them and CAREFULLY put them on the cookies (I had a couple of broken noses that I had to "glue" back together).

I bagged 'em up, put ribbons on them, and I was done!! Three days of hard work completed. It's very satisfying, if you didn't know, to see that everyone appreciates your work as much as you do, and to feel like you did a good job on something. The counselors at the middle school liked the cookies (they even showed them to the principal! And took my picture!) and thanked me for helping out on career day. I, in returned, told them that they were very welcome, and I was happy to make these cute little cookies.

Yay cookies!