GO Dawgs! =]

The bulldog cake is done! I am so proud :) Mom says this is my best cake yet, as far as the detail goes. I'm not sure I agree; I made a cake once with a fondant leprechaun and a candy rainbow that was a lot of work. However, this is my most detailed FBCT.
Can you tell that the dog is faced the opposite direction of the picture I used to trace it? I will never forget to make a reversed image to trace, though!

The icing (red and black) was bought pre-colored. I could've made my own red icing (I bought 2 more tubes of it) and black, but that was a lot of work, and I'm lazy. I mean, it *is* the first day of summer.

The tube I used for the border was #16 star tip, and I made little shell alternating with the red and black. The alternating was made easier by the fact that I have 2 star tips (yay!). The FBCT was made with a #1 tip (of which I only have 1) with a #5 or 7 (I can't remember, but I think it was the 7) for the white icing backing. By the way, the white buttercream is homemade.

Can you tell that the dog is a different 'shade' of white than the rest of the cake? I added a little ity bity dot of black icing to make it a little more gray.

2 hours until deliver. This is my last post for today. :) Actually, it'll be my last post until Friday; I'm going on vacation! =]

The letters were piped with #3 (red) and #1 (black) tip. Originally, I was just going to do the red, but it looks good with the black. I realized today why whenever I wrote on cake previous to this one, the handwriting was messy. Well, my icing was thin enough. I had thinned the buttercream for the FBCT and used that same icing for the lettering. Because it was thinner, it came out of the piping bag easier, and my handwriting actually looked nice!! Dad wanted to know whose daughter I was; my handwriting is far more superior than his for us to be related. ;-)