Hola de Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico project is complete, and my little brother turns it in today. I hope everything goes well with the delivery!

James was such a blast to make this cake with! I am usually a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of cake baker/decorator. Even if I have an idea about the cake, it's almost always a vague one that I end up changing in the end. Usually I just have a theme, and I set out to create a cake in this theme, adding elements as I go along and as my brain comes up with them.

James, on the other hand, is very methodical. From the order in which to put the cake ingredients before baking, to planning out the order of events for construction, he was the man with the plan. (You know you're disorganized when a third grader is a better planer than you are!)

Not that there's anything wrong with having a plan of action and being organized and everything. That's just not normally how I roll. So it was a challenge for me to not get all crazy on him because of his planning. This was his cake after all. I was just there for moral support. (and to teach and show him what to do when he didn't know.)

He pretty much did the whole thing by himself. I did the piping (the forests) and the sand and the construction of the cake (with the big slotted, er, serrated knife). He make the Rice Krispie mountains and little islands, and did the crumb coat. Oh, and he told me where to put the "trees" and everything. The palm trees, which are gumpaste, are made by Kelsie, strategically placed on the cake by James. :)

It was a lot of fun.

So I'm glad that we were able to come together, despite our complete opposite-ness, and make a cool cake. I helped, but mostly he made it.

And he did great. :-D