Blast from the Past

Okay, so I know these are horrible-quality pictures, but I wanted to share them anyway. I took pictures (with my digital camera) of pictures (you know, the regular kind that have negatives and everything) of cakes.

So, here they are... (again, I apologize for the quality, but that's what happens when you take pictures of pictures, I guess).

The original Father's Day cake... from 2006? (Maybe '05)

2007's Father's Day cake. The pictures are of my Dad and my mom's dad who lives in our neighborhood. See how all the Father's Day cakes are chocolate?

My 15th birthday cake. I <3 style="font-style: italic;">favorites!

Spongebob: Take 2. For his 2nd birthday, we were on vacation, and I had few supplies with me, so for the 1st Spongebob cake that I made, I used crushed up chocolate cereal for the pants, and tubes of Betty Crocker Icing for the rest of him, plus he didn't have any extremities and was in a throw-awayable cake pan. But this cake was great! (The arms and legs are sugar cookies)

This is that super difficult cake for my sister that I'm always alluding to. The leprechaun was my first attempt at fondant, and I think I did pretty nice (Kate did help with that). The pot o' gold and shamrocks were royal icing. The rainbow was homemade hard candy (and, let me tell you, it was hard!!). The icing looks cracked because when I smoothed it out, I waited too long and the buttercream had already begun to crust too much! (Not that you can tell with this picture anyway)

Superbowl 2007: Bears v. Colts. Everything but the colts was made with cookie cutters... I had to free hand the horses, although I later found out that Wilton made a "50 Animal Cookie Cutter Set" and I could've use the horse/zebra cutter from that set. The trophy, by the way, has gold cake sparkles on it. I have no idea which team one.

Last picture: Gingerbread house 2006. The gingerbread man, snowman, and tree are all cookies. The marshmallows are the fluffy white things in the front of the house (supposed to be fences). I liked the chocolate chips and the candy canes... they added nice touches. My little sister and I made this house, so unlike the 2007 house, it has some semblance of order. :) And, being homemade, it was very tasty!