Blog Updates

  • I'm back from vacation and I had a blast!
  • I was blogged! Not sure when/where/who/why/how but I was. I did just update some of the information today, though, but thank you to whomever blogged me. :)
  • I made a new blog today. Not exactly cake related but there's always the potential.
  • I'm making a chocolate cake for Father's Day (also known as U.S. Open Day at my house :) ). I want to find a different recipe... I know that I love that to-die-for chocolate cake recipe, but I love variety too! :)
  • Okay, something that doesn't start with "I"... My sister's best friend's birthday is coming up and I'm making her a cake that looks like that pink one I just made, but different.
  • Sorry, that's all for now. It's summer now!!!!!! so more blogging to come... :)