Ganache is Great

(Recipe courtesy of cheftaz from CakeCentral.)
(I used this on Dad's cake)

8 oz (240ml) cream
1 tbls butter (optional but makes it stay really shiny even after refrigerating)
1 oz sugar (2 tablespoons)
12 oz (340 g)chocolate (the more % cocoa the better! :) I used 62%)

Break chocolate into 1/2 oz pieces and place in stainless steel bowl
Heat cream, butter and sugar to boiling. Pour over chocolate and let stand 5 minutes. Stir from center out until smooth. After refrigerating 1 hour then fill your piping bag
Or use to ice your cake by pouring or spreading (allow to cool to room temp first)

So this particular recipe has a thick consistency... I was able to pour the ganache over the cake and spread it around with an off-set spatula. I let the cake set in the fridge overnight, so the ganache was nice and "hard" (it wasn't hard like a candy bar... like a truffle I suppose).

Oh, and I put the ganache over a layer of buttercream, although since the recipe was thick, that's not really necessary, I don't think.

Also, if you want to whip up the leftover ganache that's been sitting in the fridge over night... I'm not sure what you'd do with it... except maybe eat it... which is really tasty if you decide to to that...