Golf Chocolate Day is This Sunday

Also known as Father's Day.

Why the golf? Because it's my dad's favorite sport to play. One year for Father's Day, when I first started exploring cake decorating, I made him a sheet cake with a picture of a golf ball on it. Nothing fancy, but it was yummy (because it was chocolate).

Why the chocolate? Because my dad agrees with me when I say that chocolate is the best food group ever. :) Every cake that I've ever made for him was chocolate: cake and icing. Double yummy.

Last year's Father's Day cake was star-shaped with store-bought (gasp!) chocolate icing. The decorations were butterceam, though. For the decorations, as well as writing the standard "Happy Father's Day!", I also made little icing pictures of my dad and my grandpa. I wish I knew how to transfer the picture (taken with a traditional film camera) to the computer, because it's a really cute cake.

This year, I want to up the ante so to speak, and make this cake extra chocolately. Chocolate cake (probably the really yummy recipe that I already use) with chocolate ganache. Mmmm, ganache... And chocolate buttercream underneath the ganache, of course.

Have you seen the commercial for the Publix chocolate ganache supreme cake? That's my inspiration.

Only, my cake will be better because it will be made with love. :)

I want to decorate the cake differently, though. Although I like the cool little bow and the chocolate fudge shells, I have to be unique and special, you know? What I don't know, however, is how exactly I'm going to decorate it. Except, it will be chocolate.

Well, if I can't figure out all the "unknowns" by Saturday, I could always make a German chocolate cake (another one of Dad's favorites). I think I'll figure it out though.