Cake Art Party Store!!

Raise the roof!  We're having a cake party!

Okay, seriously, I had one of the best dental appointments ever this past week.  And not just because I didn't have any cavities, either.

But because my dentist, the same dentist that my parents and grandparents have been going to for over 30 years, is located in Tucker, Georgia.  And do you know what else is in Tucker, Georgia?  The Cake Art Party Store!  Whooo!

To think, all those years that I had been going to Dr. Grenade, just a hop skip and a jump away, was cake decorating heaven.

They had anything and everything:  cake boxes sold by the hundreds (only $40 per case!), gum paste cutters, a large and fancy selection of rolling pins, plastic cake toppers, gumpaste and fondant classes, cake pans made of every material and in every shape and size (lots of sizes!), an entire wall of tips, projectors, air brush supplies, party supplies, candy making stuff, flavorings, and anything and everything else you and I could think of.

This trip, we bought 10 cake boxes, 6 cake boards (although my mom promised that from now on, she could make my cake boxes out of cardboard scraps), 8 candles (for advent-- they have purple candles!), and Spongebob cupcake liners.  But when we go back, I will have a really, really long list and have more than half an hour to shop.  Talk about partying! ;-)