Fantastic Cake Idea For My Fantastic 17th Birthday

So while I was sitting all by myself at the Wound Center Reception Desk at the Hospital, waiting to greet patients, and feeling just a tad bit bored, I found myself some scrap paper and started doodling cake ideas.

Well, I came up with some interesting ideas: how to decorate Maggie's cake (her party is this Saturday); some ideas for Adam's Yoda cake, which he keep changing his mind about; and will probably continue to change before September; a boring 17th birthday cake idea; and then it hit me.

BAM!  I know EXACTLY how I'm going to decorate my cake.  Oh, it's going to gorgeous, I just know it!  I know that it has to be gorgeous, because I remembered to spell gorgeous with an "e" this time without the spell checker-- that must be a good sign!

So... it's going to be a round 9" in cake, covered in buttercream with fondant accents.  The buttercream will be colored dark purple. --Just like that.  And the fondant will all be white (which means I will have to make some more fondant until I want to use the icky tasting pre-made stuff).  So, fondant accents, right.  Pearls.  Lots and lots of little fondant pearls along the bottom border of the cake-- and covered with some pretty sparkly stuff to make them look like, ya know, pearls.  Maybe some, oh, I don't know, pearl dust?

And then, along the top border of the cake, have some fabric-ruffle like stuff, also made of pearly fondant.  If you click on the pearl dust link, then you'll see a picture of a cake that has the kind of border I'm talking about-- but white, and prettier. ;-)

And the top of the cake will say "Happy 17th Birthday Kelsie!" (of course) and along the sides of the top of the cake will be 17 white birthday candles that I get to blow out. :-)  For my 11th birthday, I had pink, purple, and white candles that were sparkly... I wonder if I could find some sparkly white birthday candles?  Hmmm...

Okay, so anyway, my cake is going to fantabulously gorgeous.  No doubt about it.

And, despite the fact that school starts 6 days before my birthday (did you hear that?  That was the sound of me groaning in protest), I will NOT procrastinate on this cake, and it will NOT lean like last year's cake.

Oh, I'm so excited!  And this Saturday is my baby sister's 13th birthday party.  She's growing up...  But she came up with a pretty cool cake idea for her party, which I will implement in a few days, take lots of pictures of, and blog about.  Oh, and eat it.  Duh.  So you have that to look forward to, as well!  I love August/September/October!  So many birthdays, so many cakes...