So you would think that because I'm fairly good at making cakes, that I would be a pretty proficient artist with marker and paper, but apparently I can't draw as well as I can ice and frost! :)

This is the cake idea that I have for my brother's best friend's older sister.  The idea from this cake comes from a variety of sources:  different cakes found online, her mom's ideas, my own thoughts.  It's a mix of a lot of different concepts rolled into one really cool cake.

Here's the background:  my brother's friend's sister turns 21 next week, although she's celebrating this weekend.  Her mom asked me to make the cake, so I e-mailed her some pictures that I found online to give her ideas.  She saw this cake and wanted it more margarita themed-- and that's what you see in the drawing above!

I promise that the cake that I see in my head is much nicer looking that what I attempted to draw, but I'm hoping that it conveys what I want the cake to look like.