What is Hillary's Birthday?

My best friend turns 18 in less than a month (wow, she's old!)  She's asked me to make her cake because she seems to think, for some odd reason, that I'm good at cake decorating or something. ;-)

Her cake theme is Jeopardy, but the cake will be German Chocolate.  My plan is to make a 2-layer German Chocolate cake with the pecan/coconut filling in between the two layers.  The top of the cake will be blue with yellow/white icing, and will look like the Jeopardy game board screen thingy.  Whatever it's called.  The categories with be birthday related.

She drew me a picture, actually:

I think what I'm going to do around the sides of the cake is have more coconut/pecan filling.  (Like this cake.)Although I'm not 100% sure on that yet.  I've got a month to work about any possible problem, and since her birthday is during our Fall Break from school, I'll have plenty of time to decorate.  Yay!

I wonder if there is a way to flavor the buttercream to better match the cake flavor.  Since G.C. cakes typically have the chocolate, coconut, and pecan flavors, perhaps I could find a coconut or pecan extract.  (Maybe like this?)

Possible Recipes that I'll Use:
Recipe #1
Recipe #2
(both from CakeCentral)