Daily Double

Part A:  Hillary's Birthday

Ta-Da!  Hillary's fantastic 18th birthday cake to go with her fantastic birthday and party.  Sorry I didn't get a better picture but as it was already safely packaged in the box, I didn't want to risk making it un-safe. ;)  The theme was Jeopardy, because that is such an amazingly fun show and my BFF is uncommonly good at shouting out the right answers when watching it. (Fun Fact:  After we ate the cake, we actually watched the show.  Good timing, huh?)  The cake was also deliciously German Chocolate.  You know that super awesome coconut/peacan stuff that they put all over German Chocolate cake?  Yeah, I put it all over this cake, too, even if you can't see it.  It's between the 2 layers of cake and around the sides.  The buttercream icing on the top is flavored not with vanilla extract, but with coconut.  It smelled heavenly. =)

The party was a lot of fun, too.  There was a pool full of jello, two birthday girls, two cakes, a sombraro and lots and lots of fun.  I guess I already said that it was fun, but that's the only way to describe it!

So, Hillary, I hope you had an amazing 18th birthday and I'm very, very glad that you loved the cake so much!  It was an honor to make it for you!

Hillary took this picture after we sang "happy birthday".  There are holes in all the 6s because there were only 6 candles; 6 x 6= 36, the combined ages of Hillary and Sarah.
Time for cake and singing "Happy Birthday!"  Sarah's hand is green because of the Jell-O pool.  And she didn't realize that she was lighting "magic" candles that don't blow out. ;-)

Part B:  The 100th Post

Do you remember in elementary school when you celebrated the 100th day of school?  There were all kinds of fun activities:  counting out 100 pieces of fruit loops to string on a necklace, making 100 hats, counting to 100, counting to 100 by 2s or 5s or 10s...

In elementary school, 100 was a big deal.  Well, I may be as far removed from elementary school as a public school student can get, but the number 100 is still a very important number.

For example:

This is my 100th blog post!

Yay!  Fanfare!  Applause!

As far as the 100th post went, this wasn't the most exciting post:  I didn't have 100 fireworks, or 100 cupcakes, or even 100 pictures or something.  As a blog post about cake, however, I think my best friend's 18th birthday is terribly exciting.  And I hope that you do as well.  But, if you've stuck around for 100 posts (or even if you've only been reading my blog for a little while) then I think we probably do share the same ideas about exciting cake moments.  So to end this for today, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your support, encouragement, stories, and pictures with me and I hope that you stick around for the next milestone!  Now I shall go and get ready for post #101 (cupcakes)!