Play My Music

If you can't tell, the cake is supposed to be a guitar.  Actually, it's supposed to be an acoustic guitar but the pick guard looked weird so I took it off, and according to the directions, it's just a guitar without the pick guard.
This cake was destined for greatness from the beginning.  Don't believe me?  Just look at the picture!  I took it out of the pan, and it didn't fall apart!  That's always a good sign.  (Thanks, Ruthie, for showing me how to flatten the bottom of the cake!) I used the cake mix extended recipe with a Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix.  However, I didn't use all the batter, so I make a little 8" cake with the leftovers and stuck it in the freezer.  More cake balls, perhaps?
I made a batch of regular white buttercream and half a batch of chocolate buttercream.  I crumb coated the entire cake:  white at the top; chocolate at the bottom.  Then I carefully did a second coat along the sides of the cake and smoothed them out nicely.  The entire top of the cake is made out of marshmallow fondant.  To get the different shades of brown, I used MMF with chocolate MMF and a bit of yellow food coloring.  I also used CMMF and black colored CMMF.
Actually, I lied.  The entire top is not exclusively made of fondant.  The guitar strings (#5 tip) and "Congratulations" (#2 tip) were buttercream. 
Why does the cake say "Congratulations" anyway?  Well, because I am congratulation my little brother's 4th grade teacher because he is getting married next week!  I was asked to make a cake because the class was throwing a little surprise party today during lunch.  I was told by a very good source that everyone loved the cake and said it was delicious and awesome, etc.  So I'm glad that everyone liked it, because, critical cake decorator that I am, I couldn't help but notice the little imperfections with my piping.
So that's my guitar cake.  I'm not done yet, though.  Today is my other brother's 5th birthday and I'm making him a cake this weekend.  He can't decide if he wants a Yoda cake, Lego Starwars cake, Rintoo cake, or an orange electric guitar cake.  He needs to decide pretty soon though.

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