Que Maravilloso!

(Which is, roughly translated, how marvelous!)

How cool is this? Stella, at The Fabric of my Life, has awarded me the "Arte y Pico" award! Stella, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I've never recieved a blog award before (unless Blog of Note counts)! ;)

Anyway, along with the great honor that has been bestowed upon me, I have the pleasure of presenting the award to five other bloggers who contribute to the blogging community based on their creativity and content.

Huh. That's not going to hard at all... (*sarcasm*)

Anyway, give me a few minutes while I find only FIVE (what a small number! I subscribe to fifty-five blogs on Google Reader!)



Okay, I've got it! Drumroll please...

  1. Every Day Every Hour Every Minute is a blog written by Cara about her life with diabetes.  As she puts it:  "This blog is just a place to vent my frustrations and to find other people who can relate."  It's really an good blog to read and I can definitely relate to what she says in some of her pots, but that's probably because I'm diabetic too.  Anyway, it's a blog worthy of this award.
  2. Homemade by Jill is a yummy blog.  She has all kind of food recipes and pictures, but Jill's craftiness extends beyond that:  she sews, she makes quilts, and I think her diaper cake is adorable!  (If you thought "diaper" and "cake" don't go together, then you'd be wrong.)
  3. HomemadeS by Arfi is yet another great blog.  She has some great recipes and she's quite the photographer.  (Chocolate cotton cake anyone?  It looks so good!  In fact, everything she takes pictures of looks good, whether or not it's food.)
  4. The Bakerella blog makes my mouth water.  I mean, look at those cupcakes!  And her cake balls put my own to shame.
  5. Lisa is an amazing cake decorator, which is one of the reasons that I like Cakes and Cupboards so much.  Another reason is that she can make a darn good petit four and another is that her blog is just really fun to read.
Well, that's my blog awarding for today.  I hope you enjoy checking out the blogs that I have choosen for this award and I want to again thank Stella for giving me Arte y Pico! =D

(And more recently I was awarded "I love your blog" by Tracy.  (Thank you!!)  That award deserves its own post so in the meantime I'll pick seven more blogs that I love.  So I'll get to work on that and hopefully it won't take me too long.)