The Tastiest Kind of Success

Without bragging too much, I just wanted to say that my 2nd attempt at making cake balls turned out superbly excellent.  The entire process went smoothly (which is quite a feat for me) and, to top it all off, they are delicious!

So as I show to you the surprisingly easy process of making cake balls, I may just have to enjoy one myself!  Enjoy eating one that is. ;-)

The beginning.  It's so flat, it's it?  Too bad about what happens next...

Crumbled Cake and Cream Cheese Icing.  I mushed it up with a fork.  If the call balls don't form together properly, it's because there isn't enough icing.  However, I didn't use the entire can, just most of it.
Cake Balls!  They are half the size of an ice cream scoop.  The ones that were ice cream scoop sized were too big for dipping. :(  
Melting the chocolate chips in a "double boiler" (hello, multi-tasker!)  They are milk chocolate this time, although I still have a soft spot for dark chocolate!
This is my work station. I actually did a pretty clean job this time!  Surprising to hear that I didn't make a huge mess, isn't it?  I mean, I still made a mess; it just wasn't huge. :)
Dipping the cake ball into the chocolate.  Of course, I took the chocolate off of the heat and let it cool for a bit before dipping the cake ball (which was frozen overnight) in it.  Because I obviously know that hot, melted chocolate would burn my fingertips when I dip the ball.  Duh.
Three completed cake balls.  Too bad they didn't all look this nice (some of them had some funny shapes to them...).  All of them taste this nice.

And finally, a picture of the dipped balls sitting in the freezer to harden.  After they hardened, I put them in my big green Tupperware and stuck it in the fridge.  Oh, and I accidentally dropped 4 on the floor, but rest assured, the "5 Second Rule" was put into play!