Cheesecake and Cookies and ...Cheese?!

Finally, yesterday, I was able to make Mom's belated birthday cheesecake!  Although, I really should've made it on Monday or Tuesday because I felt aweful yesterday. :-(  I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with me, but I still feel bad today.

We ate it today... By we, I mean my family members because part of that sickness thing is that everything is making me nauseous.  Which is unfortunate, because everyone really liked the cheesecake.  Although the texture was wrong (Dad blames the waterbath; I'm not sure why.) that taste was very right.  Except it needed chocolate chips, apparently.

Also yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies after taking some medication and a nap.  I felt well enough to make some thins for my AP Statistics class.  I would say that those cookies were a success.  They were huge, by the way.  But everyone (or almost everyone) loved them!  Yay!  After feeling so icky, I really wasn't up to baking (I know! How out of character for me!) but Enrique did volunteer me to make them and I couldn't let down my classmates...

...I did let down my dad though, because there weren't any leftovers for him.  I keep telling him that if he would just buy some more chocolate chips (dark chocolate) and granulated sugar (and I think we need unsalted butter too) then I would make a batch of cookies just for us.  I should probably add parchment paper to my shopping list...

And the last order of business today:  The Iron Cupcake: Earth challenge.  No, I didn't win the basil competition, but Mama Baker's basil mango yummy cupcake did.  However, the challenge for October is CHEESE.  Cheese?!  I have no idea what I'm going to make...  Cheese is so varied and different; there are a bajillion different varieties it seems like...  I will definitely be putting my thinking cap on for this month!

Mom's key lime pie and her new diamond/sapphire ring from Dad (and James' new mood ring).