Dad's Fantastic German Chocolate Cake

Ta-Da!  The second german chocolate cake that I've ever made.  This one is a bit more traditional than the first (although not quite as fun).  It's got coconut/pecan icing in the middle and on top, plus chocolate icing everywhere else.  Oh, and the white icing too.
Unfortunately*, I didn't put a "dam" of icing between the layers, I just smeared on the coconut stuff, so the icing started to ooze out.  That's what you see in the pictures between the two layers of cake, by the way.  Not only is this the second time that I've made a German chocolate cake, but it's also the first time that I finally got to use my new 9" cake pans.  I must say, they are far superior to the other pans that I had; nice and level and good edges... it was worth the spending of my money! :)
Everyone except my crazy brother James loved the cake.  I still don't see why he doesn't like chocolate cake...  it's just a darn shame that I'm having to make a lemon cake for his birthday (which is tomorrow).  I was very happy with the outcome of the cake, even though I wasn't able to put as much time in it as I wanted.  Oh, and it says "Chris and Vic" because my grandpa's birthday is two days after my dad's birthday and they often celebrate together.
The only other baking that I've done recently is to make these sugar cookies.  I just found some dough in the freezer and decided to make them...  I'm really not sure how old it is, and so I haven't actually eaten any of the cookies.  But my dad and siblings have been enjoying them, so that works for me!  And now we have more freezer space for something that we will hopefully actually use in good time...
Next on my list is James' birthday cake which is, as I said earlier, lemon.  Ew.  It's not that I have anything personal against lemon cake, it's just that lemon isn't chocolate and there lies the problem.  But he's helping me make the cake, so that's a lot of fun!
*Don't ask me why, but "Unfortunately" is a very, very difficult word for me to spell.  I can spell "fortune" but that's about it.  I always forget that there's an "a" in the word or something...  Anyway, that's why they made spell checkers, right?