Ah-Ha! Dessert Revelations

Right now, my entries into the Iron Cupcake: Earth Challenge are in the oven.  And they will be delicious, I'm sure of it this time.

And there are cake balls in the freezer just waiting to be covered in chocolate and eaten. ;-)

Also, I just decided, not even an hour ago, that the gingerbread house that I'm making this year is going to be a castle.  Not just a house; not even a mansion; a full-blown castle-- with towers and everything.

And it's going to have little gumpaste figurines and ice cream cone trees and lots of candy and royal icing decorations.  Adorable, right?

Speaking of gumpaste, I actually went to Michael's last Saturday and bought some cake stuff:  parchment bags, piping bags (the disposible plastic kind), and ingredients to make my own gumpaste (I think it's glucose and tylose powder).  I know that the ingredients are more expensive than the pre-mix, but in the long run, I think I'll come out on top.  Yeah, sure, and the process seems longer, too, but again, the effort and the initial investment will pay off in the end.  However, I do owe my dad $40 from the entire shopping trip.  And I owe my mom almost $30 for something else...  Ah well, the price you have to pay to be a cake decorator/buy your friends Christmas gifts.

OK, so I'm going to go check on my chocolate cupcakes.  I'll be back later with pictures and the recipe!