Holiday Cookies

 Finally, four days after Christmas, I got around to making my gingerbread cookies.  Not just men, mind you, but women and trees and candy canes and stockings, too!

I wanted to make them before Christmas, but with exams and other stressors the week before, and then the sleepover with my friends and the last minute shopping right before Christmas, I just ran out of time!  Luckly, though, Christmas doesn't technically end until January 6th, although all the clearance sales at Wal-Mart would tell you otherwise. =/

And not only did I make some delicious/adorable gingerbread cookies, but I also had enough extra royal icing to making some sugar cookies to ring in the new year.  These guys I made in time, since 2009 doesn't start until Thursday!

I used the #1, #3, and #5 tips.  I think #3 is my favorite to use to ice cookies, but I only have 2 of those and I had a lot more colors and piping bags than just 2.  I didn't use the #2 tip because Adam decided that he should wear it as a hat, but now I can't find it...  The royal icing (used with Wilton's meringue powder) was thinned to just the right consistency; I don't think I used all 6 tablespoons.  That's something you just have to eyeball, though.  Smooth, but not too runny, so it doesn't get all over the sides of the cookies.  Don't let it be too thick, though, either!

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