I knew it!

Last night, when I went to bed, I was thinking a lot about how much I wanted to bake.  It is the new year, after all, and I haven't done any new baking.  Not since the cookies, but those were last year's cookies.

So I was thinking about cupcakes.  And how much I really wanted to eat the chocolate ganache icing in my fridge, but how I knew that I needed to use it on a cake or cupcakes or something, and I can't just eat it straight out of the container.  However, I didn't want to make any cupcakes until I knew what the ICE challenge is.

The next thought that popped into my head was "I wonder what the January challenge will be?"  So I thought about it.  Something festive, probably... Or really interesting...  Something in the same vein as cranberries, chillis, cheese, etc.  Some of my thoughts for what the challenge should be include some interesting/weird spices, like anise, or curry, or cloves, or something.  Or maybe an exotic fruit, like dragon fruit.  I thought of all kind of ideas, including something worth ringing in the new year.  Like chamagne or wine.


Exactly!  Just in this morning, the challenge theme for January is wine!  I don't know how I knew a day in advance, except that maybe I'm just a lucky guesser. :-)

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do for this challenge.  Especially considering that I doubt my mom wants me to use our wine in some cupcakes.  Even though the alcohol cooks out if it's in the actual batter.  And, by the way, how does alcohol affect the baking of a cupcake?  I've never used alcohol in my cooking/baking before.  And then there's the whole fact that I'm only 17, and the legal age to drink is 21.  Although I'm not really drinking, I'm just baking and eating (not drinking).  And it is for the new year and all that.

Anyway, I've got a lot to think about, and 22 days to think about it (the challenge closes on the 24th).  I hope I have time; January is going to be a very busy month!

Happy New Year, everyone!

(P.S. Thanks for voting for me @ No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner!  I appreciate it!)