Petit Fours- Not Again!

Yes, I'm attempting to create the elusive petit four again.  As you can all recall, I'm sure, from my last adventure into the world of tiny cakes, the fist attempt was pretty disasterous.  At least, if the crummy (and crumby) quick-pour fondant and lumpy cakes is any

However, this time around I'm taking things slow and easy.  I've got a really yummy butter cake recipe that I'm going to use (Yes, I know that sponge cake is preferred for these tiny treats, but sponge cake is a lot of work and butter cake is just a tad harder to mess up), and a new fondant recipe, simple syrup, and some filling, and some extra help.  [And I know this has absolutely nothing to do with petit fours, except that I found this recipe for fondant while I was looking up petit four recipes... anyway, it looks really good, and since I'm not having a lot of luck with the MMF, I'd like to try it.]

Hopefully this time around, things will be different...

Later that same day...

So they really didn't turn out that bad, did they?  After the cake cooled (it was a 9" x 13", using that butter cake recipe I mentioned earlier), I used some little cookie cutters that I've never used before.  The funny thing is, they were a summer set, with sea shells and flamingos and all, and I'm using them in the middle of winter. =]  I used the mini cutters: butterfly, heart, flower.  The heart was the easiest to coat, by the way.
Then I put all the little cut shapes in a container and I froze them.  (Don't worry, we ate all the cake scraps!)  I mixed up some "quick pour fondant" on the stove, and proceeded to ice the little cakes.
I used a piece of wax paper under a cooling rack, and took a few cakes out of the freezer at a time.  I slowly poured the fondant, with a spoon [I know! I forgot to use a squirt bottle], over each cake, to make sure that I covered the sides and all of that.  It's definitely a tedious process and a labor of love, but perhaps it will get easier the more I practice.  After all, this is only my second attempt.
I didn't fool with doing two layers, and putting a filling in between them, or covering them in simply syrup.  I know that's a good idea, and I probably should have, but I got lazy, and I know my family will eat them anyway. :-)  Speaking of lazy, by the time I got to the last few cakes, the fondant had really thickened (not sure why), and I was so tired of icing them, with the thin icing, so when it got to thick, I sorta just say "forget it" and blobbed the fondant all over.  It didn't look so bad, but not as nice as the first ones that I made.
So, now you know that if you are making petit fours, and you mess up, there is hope for you yet!  I've very pleased with this attempt, even if I didn't use filling, or syrup, or cute decorations (again, the lazy thing).  So now I'm off to my grandparent's house for a family get-together and we're going to eat all of the goodies!

(That's one of the blobby ones)