Football & Cookies

For the third year in a row, I made sugar cookies in honor of the Superbowl.  This year, it was the Steelers vs. the Cardinals.  I'm not a big football fan, but I usually just pick a team so I have something to cheer at. :-)  (And, for the record, I did pick the Steelers.)

These cookies was sort of a rush job, considering I baked them Saturday night and decorated them Sunday morning.  I don't recommend doing that, especially since you're supposed to wait 24 for the cookies' icing to dry completely.  But then, I am a procrasinator.

In order to make the helmets face opposite directions, I flipped half of the helmet cookies over before I baked them.  And, yes, those are chocolate sugar cookies; they aren't burnt.  When I was flipping the helmets over, I flipped the Steelers logo around, too, so it's actually backwards.  Oops.  This is the opposite of what I did with the Bulldogs cake; I inverted the image when I was not supposed to!

These are probably my favorite cookies to date.  (Don't I always say that, though, like about the Webkinz cookies and the Christmas cookies?)  But I mean it this time, and I owe it all to Bakerella for pointing me in the direction of the book Cookie Craft.  Wow.  That book has so many amazing tips and directions and recipes; the process was so much smoother when I made the cookies this time around, from the flooding, to the piping of details.  I do need to buy some more #2 tips and squeeze bottles though.

The cookies were well recieved at the party, and they arrived fairly unscathed (a little smeared, but I stacked wax paper between the layers so the damage wouldn't be too severe).  Of course, they were still delicious, and there were no leftovers for me to take to school today to share with my friends. :-(  I look forward to making more cookies in the future, though, especially after all the awesome help I received from Cookie Craft!