Desserts and Downpours

A few hours ago, the rain finally let up, but it's been a very messy, wet, and cold day here at home, and across the southeast.  Thankfully, though, we don't have it nearly as bad as everyone riding out the storms in Fargo, and I hope the their weather conditions will improve as much as ours have.

One of my first thoughts waking up this morning was that today is my Aunt Elsie's 48th birthday (and I'm sure she wants that information posted all over the Internet for the entire world to know).  Elsie is the one we should all blame for getting me hooked on this baking and cake decorating obsession: she gave me my first instruction books, tools, and inspiration, and she's always a phone call away when I need some baking help.

So this afternoon I baked up a batch of 2 dozen cupcakes to celebrate this momentous occasion.  I used an amazing recipe: Wilton's butter cupcakes.  They weren't too sweet, and had a great texture.  Next time, I might use a little less butter, because the bottoms were a little greasy when I first pulled them out of the oven.  Also, the recipe really makes more than 24 cupcakes; I overfilled a lot of mine, and probably could've gotten closer to 3 dozen.

Elsie was pleasantly surprised and everyone enjoyed them, which, of course, is the whole point of cupcakes anyway:  to bring out the kid and you and have some fun.  (You should've seen my uncle Kerm eat his cupcake; it was a treat in itself.)  The hardest part was actually delivering the cupcakes to my grandparents house in all this rain.  Mom and I had to manuver with the tray of cupcakes and an umbrella.  Unfortunately, I don't have a neat little caddy like this one to hold my cupcakes; the container I do have will only hold a dozen.

From start to finish, the cupcakes only took a few hours.  I cheated a little bit and iced them before they were completely cooled, but since they are only cupcakes (and not an entire cake), the structural integrety did not falter and the little cakes were cool enough so that icing did not go sliding all over the place.  And, yes, I did use left-over icing from other cakes because I was too lazy to make more (and we were out of butter).  Of course, shrew cake decorater that she is, Elsie noticed that the icing colors matched the Spanish cake that I made a week ago.  She didn't mind, though, because she does the same thing with her left-over icing.

To wrap this up, these hastily thrown together cupcakes certainly served their purpose in celebrating yet another birthday! :-D