This is the fastest rush job I've ever done.  From start to finish, the cake only took an hour.  OK, so it wasn't from the very beginning, but after I baked and iced the cake, creating the "blank canvas," the clock was on.
I had to get home from school, mix up some icing, decorate the cake, and take it back to school for the Sociedad Honoria Hispanica induction ceremony-- in an hour and a half!  I was going to decorate the night before but I was really tired, so I decided that I would have enough time Thursday afternoon.  It turns out that I did have enough time, but barely.
The red took the longest to mix up, of course, but I was pretty happy with the shade I got.  The roses, I think, turned out supurbly.  I'm definitely getting better at them. :-)  They didn't have enough time to freeze, unfortunately, so when I put them on the cake, I had to be really careful that I didn't smush them because they were so soft.  Thankfully, I didn't!
Oh, and the message says, translated, "Congratulations to the new members!"  It's not exactly centered; I could have put the message lower on the cake, but it still looks fine, I think.  The only probably I really had was that after I put the roses on, I realized the first exclamation point was covered up, so I repiped it.
In conclusion, I was able to decorate the cake, change clothes, and get back to school in time so that I wasn't late to the ceremony.  Afterwards, I had the pleasure of serving the cake (which might have been a disaster because I forgot to bring a serving knife, but someone had a plastic knife, so that was nice) and everyone told me that it looked (and tasted) really nice.  Which I was very happy about, because I'm always afraid that when I make a cake for someone I know, it will be a disaster.  Thankfully, it wasn't.  Also, one lady who ate the cake told me that I did a wonderful job on it, which was quite a compliment, because she used to be a caterer and she knows her cakes!
Despite the crazy afternoon, the induction ceremony, cake included, was definitely a success.  And all that craziness definitely keeps life from being boring!