Shopping + Baking = Love

I had the fantastic opportunity today to go shopping, not once, not even twice, but three times.

I confess:  I am a shopaholic.

And, surprisingly enough, all three shopping trips were to different locations, with different people, and for different reasons.  So, what do they all have in common?  Baking, of course!

The day got started when my best friend and I went to the mall together.  We looked at prom dresses, and found our favorite lotions in Bath & Body Works, and all of that typical teenage girl/shopping stuff.  While we were at Borders, though, (because, being the nerdy teenage girls that we are, we just had to stop in the bookstore! Not that there's anything wrong with that), I did see a copy of Confetti Cakes by Elisa Strauss. She is absolutely amazing!  I didn't buy the book, though, but I do own a copy of Confetti Cake for Kids (more on that later on).

Do I even need to mention how Publix and baking are connected?  That's where Mom and I went to pick up some ingredients for dinner, and also lots and lots of eggs.  Lots.

Finally, when my dad came home from work today, he announced that if I finished that scholarship application that I've been putting off all week, he would take me to Michael's. (Yay!)

And, so, for my final baking-related shopping trip of the day, Dad and I went to Michael's, where I bought:

Ta-Da! A Wilton Gumpaste/Fondant tool set that I've really wanted for the longest time.  I did have a coupon, so I snatched it up!  I also got a couple more #2 tips for cookie decorating, which is what I've been doing tonight ever since I got home.

I can't talk about shopping without at least mentioned all the really cool stuff that I wish I could buy, i.e. "The Wishlist."  So here's mine:
That's it for tonight.  I've got some Easter cookies that are drying right now, ready to be decorated tomorrow.  And I also (yikes!) need to make Katie's birthday cake...which is almost a month late. :(  But better late than never, I suppose.