The Grill Cake

Every year I try to make something cool and fun for Father's Day, which in the past has included a couple of golf cakes and even a cake where I piled on as much chocolate as I possibly could.

This year inspiration hit me and I decided to make a cake that looks like a grill, because my dad loves to cook out.

I thought my idea was original, but after a quick Google search , I realized that I'm certainly not the first to come up with this idea, although I still like to think that the execution is still all my own.

The vegetables and meats are all made from a gumpaste/fondant mixture which I colored and then "painted" for the grill lines.

(And by paint I mean a little bit of brown and black icing paste and a drop or two of extract.)

I'm so proud of myself for this cake, because I didn't procrastinate the night before and stay up all night working on this cake.  I did stay up all night, but that was a few days later when I saw Transformers. :-)

The fondant creations were all made a few days before, the cake was baked and decorated on Saturday, and I put everything together on Sunday.

The "coals" are just big icing blobs of various colored gray icing with some powdered sugar dusted on top.  The flames and the grills bars are just basic buttercream.  So it really wasn't a complicated cake, but it turned out really well.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!