A Birthday Cake Fit for Ringo Starr's #1 Fan :P

I'm not really sure who Ringo Starr's #1 Fan is, but I'm pretty sure it's my little sister.  Well, she's not so little anymore; she just turned 14 yesterday.  But she's definitely a huge Beatles fan and at about 11 o'clock at night, a huge boulder of an inspiration hit me and I realized her "Beatlemania" would be the perfect theme for this cake.

The "Happy Birthday Maggie" and cartoon Ringo drawing is one big FBCT , which I was really unhappy with because of the detail.  I should've used a #1 tip, instead of a #2, but I think the hungry monster that eats all our socks also stole my tip. :-(

Of course, I could also blame my unhappiness of the cake on the fact that it was 2:00am when I piped the lyrics to "Birthday" on the side of the cake, and that's why it looks so messy, not because I have horribly illegible handwriting when I write sideways.  Of course!  And I'm not really unhappy.  I'm just such a perfectionist when it comes to cakes.  Mostly just my cakes, but I've been known to be pretty judgmental about some of those Cake Wrecks too heh heh...

"Yes, we're gonna have a party"

"I'm glad it's your birthday"

 "I would like you to dance"

"Happy Birthday to you"

"We're gonna have a good time"

"They say it's your birthday"

(Sorry about the really poor quality of some of the pictures I took with the little digital camera. I wish I had the funds to invest in one of those fancy, expensive ones, but I just have to make do with what I have. =] Thanks for sticking it out with me!)

But Maggie loved the the cake, and that's what's really important.  I tried out a new chocolate cake recipe, and I think I used too much dark cocoa powder and not enough sugar.  But the buttercream was extra sweet, so that compensated it for me.  Plus, everyone else said the cake was delicious.  So I should probably just quit nitpicking and enjoy the chocolaty goodness, right?