The other day in my Introduction to University Experience class, we had to draw a picture of what we think success looks like. I'm not much of an artist, drawing wise, but my vision of success includes a money-making bakery and me looking all adorable in an apron. :D

College is certainly keeping my busy, so I haven't had any time to bake (except when I went home last weekend- yay!- and baking a brownie cake for Mom's birthday that James (the noncake eater) absolutely loved). This is unfortunate because the Iron Cupcake: Earth challenge is music (I love music) and this Friday is Pro-Life Cupcake Day, which is an adorable way to raise awareness.

I'm still keeping my eye open for baking opportunities, but Thanksgiving is only a few weeks (ok, seven week) away, and at the very least, I can bake up a storm then. I feel so bad that my blog has laid dormant for so long, but just know that I'm constantly thinking about it and writing down different baking ideas. And of course, picturing my future success. :-)