Bake Day '09

So I realize that Thanksgiving was a good two weeks ago, but I sorta kinda forgot to post all the pictures and recipes. Sorry about that :( Final exam week has that affect over people, I guess.

Anyway, the Monday before Thanksgiving, I spent the entire day baking (and I mean the entire day) with Katie, Adam, Sarah (all pictured above) and Hillary and Chris. (That's me sitting at the computer, by the way.) We made cupcakes:

And cookies:

And even a cake!

Oh, and cake balls, too, but those aren't pictured. Mainly because I didn't get a chance to cover them in chocolate since we didn't have any.

The cake was for a friend's little sister. She turned 10, if you couldn't already tell. ;)

The day began at 10 am when Hillary came over and we got to work. We made pumpkin pie cupcakes (based on this recipe) but we didn't have enough ingredients so we went to Publix to buy butter and cream cheese (for the frosting). It was delicious, sugary, messy fun.

Hillary & Adam

Chris loves butter as much as Paula Deen

After the cupcakes, we baked the cake, and used left over cream cheese icing to decorate it. That icing (plus the leftover cake from cutting it out) went into the cake balls I made. I never got to eat them, either. And after I already got back to school, Mom decided to bake them, which I never even thought of doing; apparently, they tasted really good, too. So maybe I'll try that next time?

And then we made sugar cookies, but Sarah looked a 'soft' recipe, instead of 'cut out,' so once they baked, they didn't have much shape to them. They still looked cool though. And Chris brought more ingredients for his cream cheese icing, so we made that too, of course!

Overall it was an amazingly fun day, and I'm so glad that everyone could come over and help out. I look forward to many more baking days while I'm home for the Christmas holidays!